We cannot tell you how happy we were with the overall experience of a Sportball birthday party for our son Max.

My wife said the booking and communication up until the party was good and the venue itself was great. Most importantly the coaches and the activities organized were amazing. In particular Coach Richard was responsible, well spoken and communicative and so easily related to the kids. We had children from 3 all the way to 9 years old and they managed to create an environment that was fun, exciting, engaging and positive for everyone... Kudos. I hope to have similar experiences in the future with your classes.

Toronto, ON

Coach Michael exceeded my expectations

My sons, Jack and Luke were both coached by Coach Michael in parent and tot soccer and soccer baseball at Moorevale Park. I am an ECE myself, a stay at home mom and also used to run summer camps. I have to say, Coach Michael exceeded my expectations. He was an enthusiastic, upbeat and passionate individual with the children as well as the parents. He clearly enjoys his job and does it for the love of it. He has an incredible gift working with kids and meant a lot to my two boys....

Thank you

Toronto, ON

I just wanted to pass along...

...that both my children have absolutely LOVED having Coach Laura over the past two years. She is amazing with children. We actually have a sportball program where my son skates which would be much more convenient but because Laura has been so amazing we are still attending class with Laura.

Looking forward to the winter program.

Toronto, ON