Sportball. Where Everyone Plays.

At Sportball, we want everyone to have the opportunity to get in the game. We take pride in our ability to connect with kids of all ages and abilities, and have experience working with children with a range of additional needs, including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Asperger’s Syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Cerebral Palsy and Down’s Syndrome. Adapted programs modify programs according to individual needs, assessing whether participants require additional support and requesting one-on-one support workers where necessary.

Coaches of our Adapted programs receive specialized training in program modification on top of the in-depth Coach Training and Mentorship Program required of all Sportball Coaches. To ensure the quality and integrity of the program, classes typically run with a ratio of 6 participants to 1 Coach and a minimum of 4 participants to a maximum of 12 participants. Although age ranges may vary, classes consist of participants who share similar needs and ability levels.

If your child has additional needs and you are interested in joining an Adapted or traditional Sportball program listed in our schedules, or for any additional information, please speak to our administration team.

Community Partnerships

Sportball also runs co-facilitated programs in partnership with local centers that specialize in services for children and young adults with additional needs. These program partnerships are designed to help participants build social and recreational skills, such as managing winning and losing, turn taking, using prosocial language, initiating interactions and following directions, in a supportive, positive environment.

  • Stage 1: Co-facilitated Groups
    Sessions are facilitated by a trained Sportball Coach and a specialized Social Skills Facilitator from the center.
  • Stage 2: Adapted Sportball Groups
    After participants of a co-facilitated group have experienced Sportball routines, and have built the necessary recreational social skills, they can progress to a typical Sportball Adapted group. Sportball Adapted groups provide participants with a more independent experience geared toward the development of social skills and the fundamentals of play in a variety of sports such as soccer, football, baseball, basketball, hockey and more.