Hockey, soccer, football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, golf, tennis. Multi-Sport classes are the heart of Sportball programming, providing an amazing foundation for a lifetime of active living. Each week we practice a different sport, giving kids the opportunity to practice a variety of basic sports skills, like passing, shooting & scoring, throwing, catching and swinging.

We offer multi-sport programs all year long for kids up to 12yrs of age, so your child can keep active, no matter the season. In the spring and summer, we offer kids outdoor multi-sport classes in local parks, and in the winter, we offer kids indoor multi-sport classes right in your community.

How is our multi-sport program unique? At the same time that we are teaching kids how to play individual sports, we are also helping children meet developmental milestones and develop physical literacy through our play-based, “coaching with purpose” curriculum. Children have the opportunity to refine, rehearse, repeat a wide range of sports skills in a fun, supportive, non-competitive environment that emphasizes social & physical development.

Love your Sportball experience? Enroll for next season and allow your child to enhance their skills and take their game to a whole new level. Programs are designed to grow with your child!

Which Multi-Sport Class is Best for My Child?

Multi-sport for Toddlers

Parent & Child Multi-Sport

In our Parent & Child classes (for children aged 16 months to 2 years), toddlers are introduced to eight different sports through a play-based curriculum developed around key motor, social and sports milestones.

For children aged 2-3.5 years we offer both Parent & Child and Me & My Dad Indoor and Outdoor Multi-Sport classes, depending on the season. These classes are a terrific way for kids — and parents — to make new friends, all while spending quality time together learning fundamental sports skills.

Multi-Sport for Preschoolers

Coach & Child Indoor and Outdoor Multi-Sport

Kids aged 3 and up can register for Coach & Child Indoor or Outdoor Multi-Sport programs, depending on location and season. These classes are a great way for preschoolers to start to gain independence and develop friendships while learning sports skills appropriate to their developmental ability.

Multi-Sport for School-Aged Kids

Coach & Child Indoor and Outdoor Multi-Sport

Multi-sport classes are great for school aged kids, too! They help children develop natural athleticism, preparing them for later specialization. And they’re a great way to keep active kids from getting bored!