Our goal is to set kids up for a lifetime of active fun. How do we do that? By “coaching with purpose.”

Whether it’s teaching kids how to handle winning and losing or how to dribble a ball, everything we do, in every class, is for a reason. For instance, all classes follow the same structured format, beginning with warm-ups, progressing to skill development, then finishing up with games – because we know that kids perform better when they know what to expect.

Because we want kids to get in the game and stay in the game, we focus on the fundamentals, like proper form, continually assessing individual “baseline skills” and using simple instructions, keywords and clear visual instructions to break down movements according to developmental capability. “Refine, rehearse, repeat” is our mantra because it works. It’s not long before “big kicks” and “goalie kicks” become “trap-roll-kick” and “goalie scoops & rolls.”

What’s more, we know that while basic sports skills don’t change, kids do. That’s why our equipment, like our expectations, is kid-sized, and it’s why our curriculum is designed around established child developmental models. It’s also why we’re creative when it comes to keeping kids engaged: we know that what’s fun for a toddler is different than what’s fun for a ten year old AND we know that having fun is the key to keeping kids in the game.