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Since 1995

Since 1995, Sportball has delivered expertly coached programs to children across Canada, the United States and now Southeast Asia. Organized, structured and safe, Sportball school and daycare programs are a terrific complement to any physical education program, promoting physical literacy in a fun, non-competitive environment that builds skill sets and fosters self-confidence.

Expert Coaches

Our expert coaches lead high-energy weekly programs or scheduled special events for a single grade or even the entire school or daycare. We handle registration and process payments, and Coaches arrive with all equipment. Programs can run in a variety of spaces or multi-purpose rooms.

Free Demonstration

To book a free demo or to learn more about offering Sportball programs at your school or daycare, please contact us. We are happy to provide references and/or evidence of insurance coverage upon request. We’ll even rent your space on weekends to run seasonal Sportball programs!

Sportball School Program Options (Grades 1 to 8)

Sportball Intramural is designed for children who enjoy playing for the love of the game. Six-player teams meet for 1-hour durations to make new friends and have some fun. Schools can choose from a variety of ball sports and run programs during school hours. Coaches provide the equipment and act as referees and coordinators.

Sportball’s Healthy Active Play Program for Youth (H.A.P.P.Y.) is an interactive program that offers developmentally appropriate games and activities designed to teach kids anti-bullying strategies. Children learn practical skills to help them initiate games that are active, inclusive and require little-to-no equipment and to govern themselves without adult intervention.

Sportball Multi-Sport Co-Curricular programs offer students up to 4 weeks of instruction in selected sports and can span the entire school year. Educators are provided with an introduction kit that includes:

  • A full overview of Sportball’s curriculum outlining motor and sport skills progression
  • A sample lesson plan for a typical Sportball class
  • A take-home parent package that includes a Sportball Practice Tracker activity booklet and a Sportball Certificate where kids can celebrate their own progress with stickers for completed lessons in fundamental sports skills

Sportball Adapted Programs provide an array of skill-building opportunities for students with additional needs by introducing them to various sports, games and activities in a supportive social setting that promotes the development of positive self-image. Because Sportball Adapted Programs modify programs according to individual need, instruction and presentation is evaluated regularly and adjusted where necessary.