Our curriculum is based on the Sportball Developmental Milestones Chart, which breaks down sport, motor and social skills according to developmental capabilities. It guides what we teach and how we connect.

What We Teach

  • Active Play (Ages: 16m-2, 2-3, 3-6) Children are introduced to both structured and unstructured active play, as well as the fundamental movement and social skills that provide the foundation for learning basic sports skills at older ages.
  • Specific Skills (Ages: 6-9, 9-12) We incorporate specific fitness drills, skill combinations and sport-specific game play at ever- increasing levels of intensity so children can continue to refine, rehearse and repeat the fundamental skills associated with sport and play at a more progressive level.
  • Physical Literacy (All Ages!) Even when children are ready for more formalized methods of training, we encourage a continued focus on general motor and social skills development, so kids are prepared for the many different sports challenges they might face in life.

How We Connect

  • Parent & Child First Steps for toddlers (Ages: 16-24m) Programs use familiar songs, rhymes, stories and bubble time to keep the routines consistent, structured and simple for a fun yet comfortable and calm atmosphere that encourages participation.
  • Parent & Child ABC’s (Ages: 2-5) Coaches engage kids with creative storylines and special themes to help them understand how to perform sport skills and build enthusiasm.
  • Learn to Lead (Ages: 6+) Once children reach the age of 6 and are better able to refine, rehearse and repeat skills, Coaches connect with kids as leaders and mentors.