Our Coaches progress through several levels of professional development, which are signified by the colour of their lanyards worn during classes:

Coaches at this level learn to lead traditional Sportball programs with the support of a Mentor Coach, leading warm-ups and performing secondary demonstrations. They are also required to complete introductory workshops in Sportball methodology, policies and procedures and program delivery.
Coaches at this level lead programs on their own or with a new Sportball Coach. They are adept at coaching all stages of Multi-sport programming, and have a sound understanding of Sportball methodology, policies and procedures and program delivery. They are also required to complete focused workshops regarding classes, camps and events.
Coaches at this level have a firm grasp of the concepts and criteria associated with the first two levels of coaching and are able to communicate that knowledge to a new Sportball Coach and/or a Sportball Lead Coach. Greater responsibility and initiative is expected in all areas of coaching, including program delivery, communication with administration, marketing and training. Workshops for this group are designed to support a Coach’s growth as a mentor and teacher.
Coaches at this level have achieved mastery in traditional Sportball methodology as well as more specialized programs. Master Coaches model exemplary leadership and professionalism in all aspects of their practice. They are trusted to run Sportball demonstrations for prospective community partners (community centres, daycares, schools, etc.), and begin to lead training workshops. Master Coaches complete workshops that expose them to specialized Sportball programs and prepare them for greater leadership opportunities.