Sportball’s Baseball and T-Ball programs for kids introduce children to the fundamental concepts of the game in a fun, supportive, non-competitive environment. Coaches zero in on skills like throwing, catching, batting form, running bases and fielding through exciting, skill-focused play.

We offer Spring and Summer T-Ball and Baseball programs, as well as sports combo classes, like Soccer & T-Ball and Soccer, Football & T-Ball. All programs run indoor & outdoors.

How is Sportball T-Ball unique? At the same time that we are teaching kids how to play ball, we are also helping children meet developmental milestones and develop physical literacy through our play-based, “coaching with purpose” curriculum.

Kids receive a Sportball jersey, ball or t-shirt for outdoor programs in the spring & summer so they can take the fun home with them and continue to refine, rehearse, repeat even after the program is over!*

Which T-Ball Class is Best for My Child?

T-Ball for Toddlers

Parent & Child Multi-Sport

In our Parent & Child classes (for children aged 16 months to 2 years), toddlers learn T-Ball/Baseball as part of our signature Multi-Sport classes, which introduce our youngest Sportballers to sports through a play-based curriculum developed around key motor, social and sports milestones.

For children aged 2-3.5 years we also offer both Parent & Child and Me & My Dad outdoor Soccer & T-Ball and Soccer, Football & T-Ball programs. These classes are a terrific way for kids — and parents — to make new friends, all while spending quality time together playing ball.

T-Ball / Baseball and Multi-Sport

Drop Off

Kids aged 3 and up can register in Drop Off Outdoor T-Ball Classes, depending on the season. Although parent participation is not required at this stage, parents do need to be present on the field for the duration of the class.

If T-Ball classes are full, Drop Off Multi-Sport or T-Ball Combo classes, like Soccer & T-Ball, are great options!

*In select locations only. Please contact us to confirm.