Visit our Program Schedules page to find a program to continue the registration process. Registrations can be made online or by Fax, Phone or Email.

As long as there is availability in a program, parents can register their children online or by faxing a registration form to their local Sportball office. If you are registering through a community centre that takes registrations, you will need to contact them directly. (This policy may be different from community centre to community centre).

Children may attend a trial class if they have never been in a Sportball program before. This is an excellent way for parent and child to experience the program and learn about sports and activities taught in the class. Parents must fax a registration form with their trial class request into their local Sportball office. Parents who are concerned about their child experiencing separation anxiety or being comfortable in a new environment should keep in mind that it is often difficult to base a child’s response and participation on one trial class. Children often need time to familiarize themselves with the structure and activities of the program. Parents should use the trial class to determine that Sportball provides a safe and fun-filled environment for their child to learn valuable life skills.

Visit our Program Schedules page to find a programs nearby.

Parents that are interested in having a Sportball class in their area should contact our office by email or phone. We will do our best to open programs in areas with sufficient demand.

Sportball cannot accommodate parents who want to bring more than one child to a Parent and Child class. Parents are asked to actively participate in the program with their child and our experience is that a child will benefit more from the program with the one-on-one attention of the parent or caregiver. There are also safety considerations behind this policy.

It is vital that all contact information is updated regularly as this is what Sportball staff would use to contact parents in the case of an emergency. Sportball also requires that a registration be completed each season so that parents sign off on all policies and procedures.


For privacy reasons, the use of video cameras is not permitted in any Sportball program, including at Outdoor Soccer or Parent Participation days. Parents are, however, permitted to use cameras to take still photographs. We request that parents photograph only their own children.

We do not offer any make-up classes at any location for missed classes.

If a Sportball class is cancelled as a result of rain, snow or extreme heat, a make-up class will not be offered.

Refunds apply when the withdrawal of a student is received in writing 2 weeks prior to the start of any season. Should Sportball find it necessary to de-register a child, a refund will be issued after deduction for classes already attended. A $25.00 administration fee will be applied to any refund issued. Sportball reserves the right to cancel any program due to insufficient enrollment. Upon cancellation, a full refund will be made. For private bike-riding lessons, refunds will not be issued for a non-attendance at a scheduled class. We require 48 hours notice for any cancellation or re-scheduling.

Transfers may be accommodated within the same season, subject to approval, unless your child is registered at a community centre or school. Transfers cannot be made between Indoor programs and Outdoor Soccer programs or Camps.

If the program that you are interested in is full, Sportball can place your child’s name on a waitlist for that program. Should a space become available, those on the waitlist will be contacted first. This may occur anytime throughout the season and fees will be prorated accordingly. For programs registered through a community centre, the centre’s policies and procedures will apply.

If you cancel your child’s party, a $110.00 cancellation fee will be applied. If the party is rescheduled, a fee of $110.00 will also be applied. We will do our best to accommodate another date of your choice. If you cancel your child’s party within 48 hours of the party date there will be no refund. Outdoor Party Policy: In the event of bad weather, the coach will determine with you whether to run the party indoors or reschedule. If you reschedule, we will do our best to accommodate an alternate date of your choice. If you choose not to reschedule, a cancellation fee of $110.00 will be applied.

Sportball receipts provided through the online registration process may be used for tax purposes where applicable. For registrations received by fax or mail, the confirmation email provides a link to a receipt. Parents of children in Sportball programs registered directly through a community centre or school need to contact that organization to obtain a receipt.

For the safety of all children with allergies, we require that no food is brought to any Sportball location. Nut-free snacks are only permitted at our half day & full day camps.

Helping Your Child

Parents are encouraged to talk to the coaches about their child’s participation, progress and enjoyment of the program. Coaches can also provide information about their gross motor skills development and any particular areas where the child is excelling or having difficulty.

Coaches will work with a crying child to make them feel comfortable and will allow a parent into the gym if a child is anxious and does not settle. This is a temporary solution. Coaches will work with the parent and child in order to encourage participation and a level of comfort. Parents are encouraged to talk to their child about the program before the class. Arriving at class early helps children ease into the start of the class and become comfortable.

We see this situation most often when a child is new to Sportball. It is not uncommon for children to be a little unsettled at the start of a new season. Coaches offer excellent suggestions to help children transition into the structure of the program. Many children are distracted at the beginning of a program but do settle down after a few weeks. Usually children find comfort and security in the repetition of familiar routines in Sportball classes.

Sportball Parent & Child programs are designed to encourage parents to become their child’s personal trainer. The parent is required to participate with their child in all activities and challenge them according to their skill level. Our coaches will first demonstrate skills and provide the correct key words to explain the activity. Parents then practise with their children. We recommend that the same parent participates with their child each week. The ratio is one child to one parent.

Some sports and skills require more instruction than others in order for the coaches to teach the children correct techniques. Young children find it difficult to participate in 60 minutes of activity. In order to maintain children’s interest, activities are changed often. Children are required to sit during some changeovers. Instructions, however, are fast and coaches strive to minimize waiting times for children.

If a child is having difficulty performing an activity or skill, the coaches will assist them. Sportball methodology teaches all skills in sequence. We start with a physical demonstration, provide hand-over-hand assistance (if required), and give children an opportunity to practice. It is expected that children will not master all skills after a single demonstration. Children are given the opportunity to practice, refine, rehearse and repeat the skills in each class. Practice makes perfect!

Parents can ask coaches which skills were practiced during class. Again, practice makes perfect and children will benefit from the opportunity to practice skills at home. The key to improving your child’s physical activity is to encourage healthy active living and when possible to engage in physical activities with your child.

About Sportball Programs

Classes follow the same structure each week. Sports, games and activities vary to best suit the needs of the children in the program. A typical class consists of: attendance, warm-ups, skill development, a juice break and a game and/or cooperative games. Older children participate in a non-competitive game in order to implement the skills learned in class.

Yes, Sportball encourages the participation of children with special needs. The Sportball program is built on skills progression. Coaches are trained to assess and challenge children at their individual skill levels. A preliminary discussion with parents is required to assess the needs of the child. This is combined with a trial class. We encourage shadow workers to accompany children with special needs in the program. It is preferred that the same shadow worker remain with the child throughout the season. Coaches will guide support workers on how to assist children. Therapists are encouraged to visit classes and consult with Sportball coaches to provide suggestions and modifications for individual children. Parents of children with special needs registered into our Adapted Sportball programs must remain on site while the program is underway.

Sportball classes are structured. It is important that children become used to the structure and learn to follow the instructions as soon as possible to fully benefit from the program. Children are easily distracted by parents in the gym and this hinders participation and learning.

All coaches have undergone police clearances for working with children (vulnerable sector screens). Coaches are also certified in CPR and first aid, and must maintain up to date certifications. Sportball coaches are regularly required to participate in workshops that address safety procedures. Sportball has strict arrival and dismissal policies to ensure the safety of children. Children are always supervised. Safety is always a key consideration in selecting Sportball facilities. For outdoor soccer programs, parents are required to remain at the field side in a ratio of one parent to one child so that if a child needs to leave the program for any reason (parent support, washroom or other) the second child is always overseen. Parents of children with special needs registered into our Adapted Sportball programs must remain on site while the program is underway. At Sportball we are committed to safe programming for all children and so request your support in helping to keep your children safe.

Ratios do vary and are dependent on the age of the children, the program type and the location. Program ratios may be up to 14:1, depending on the factors involved. Weekday morning and afternoon programs may have lower ratios. Sportball programs can accommodate larger groups of children as children work independently within groups to develop gross motor skills and physical strength. The group setting is valuable as it encourages the development of social skills. It is our goal to teach fundamentals that are age-appropriate and fun in a group environment.

Coaches assess children based on what they see during the class. Lesson plans are modified according to the needs of the class and then more specifically to the needs of individual children. Sportball does not provide written evaluations on children’s progress, but coaches are more than happy to discuss the strengths and preferences of children with their parents. Parents can also request coaches to call at an agreed-upon time to discuss the progress of their child.

Sportball’s methodology is based on challenging the individual skills levels of children. Skills are only advanced once the child has had success at fundamental movements. Most importantly, children require repetition in movement skills in order to master techniques. Professional athletes follow a similar training pattern; they refine, rehearse, and repeat skills continuously. Programs are age-appropriate. As children get older the instructions and activities become more skill-based and complex. Each sport requires an increased level of control and expertise for advancement.

The juice break is a time when children may use the washroom and have something to drink. Children have a chance to rest and prepare for the next set of activities. It is also an opportunity for the coaches to get to know the children in the program and for the children to talk to friends they have made. Coaches also may tell a short story, or talk about what children liked and what they have learned so far.

Each member of the Sportball coaching team has been carefully selected and thoroughly screened. Many of our coaches have an educational background in early childhood education, sports administration, occupational therapy or kinesiology. Coaches undergo intense initial and ongoing training in Sportball methodology. Their love of teaching shines through, enabling them to help children of all ages and skill levels to succeed. Sportball coaches are certified in first aid and (CPR). All have cleared vulnerable-sector and criminal police record checks.

Once a season, parents, grandparents or caregivers are invited into the gym to see their children participating in the program. Parents are able to see the activities and skills that their children have learned and how far they have progressed. It is an opportunity for parents to grasp a clearer understanding of our methodology and interact with their children.

Parents are encouraged to participate if they are physically capable. Children look forward to and are excited to have their parents in the gym playing sports with them. Coaches are understanding and will do their best not to make parents work up too much of a sweat!

All children in the drop-off programs should be toilet-trained before entering the program. If parents prefer, children are permitted to wear pull-ups. However, parents of children wearing pull-ups must remain onsite at the program location in case the child needs to be changed. Very young children in parent-participation programs are not expected to be toilet-trained. Coaches are extremely sensitive towards children who have accidents. Parents who anticipate the possibility of their child having an accident are encouraged to leave an extra set of clothes with the coach. Parents who are concerned about their child coping on their own in the washroom should remain at the program venue to assist their child. Junior camp programs require parents to provide their children with a change of clothes and any toiletries that may be needed.

Children’s food allergies are common and yet often very serious. At Sportball we promote a food-free environment. Parents are asked not to bring food products of any kind to any facility where Sportball programs are held. Children are not permitted to share drinks at water break. Food products may only be brought to Sportball camps and birthday parties, and must be entirely nut-free. Registration forms require allergy information. Coaches and administrators work collaboratively to ensure that children with allergies are protected. Coaches are CPR and first-aid certified. Coaches are trained to use the Epi-pen in case of an emergency where a child may be anaphylactic. At the request of parents, Allergy Alerts will be handed out to participants in a class.

Sportball does not supply or sell juices for children. Coaches may take children to a public water fountain if available.

Sportball does not permit children to bring sporting equipment to Multi-Sport classes. We provide all necessary equipment,  which is designed to best suit the needs of children in the program. Soccer balls and jerseys are provided for outdoor soccer programs and these should be brought/worn to every class. Basketball programs for children in grades 4-6 also require children to bring their own basketballs.

A Parent and Child class is a program where the parent or caregiver actively participates in the program with their child. At about age 3, children generally transition to a drop-off Multi-Sport program where parents or caregivers do not participate. When parents are not involved, children are able to participate independently with their  peers, develop skills with the help of their coaches, and strengthen social interactions. During the class, parents are asked to either wait outside or leave the facility and return once the program is finished.

The waiting area for parents or caregivers varies from location to location. Sportball recommends that parents remain onsite during the class should their child require any support or assistance. For Outdoor Soccer programs, parents are required to remain at the field side in a ratio of one parent to one child, so that if a child needs to leave the program for any reason (parent support, washroom or other) the second child is always overseen. Parents of children with special needs registered into our Adapted Sportball programs must remain on site while the program is underway.

For snack time, each child must bring a small nut-free snack as well as a labeled drink in a non-breakable container. For outdoor camps, please provide your child with a labeled hat and labeled sunscreen. Ensure that sunscreen is generously applied prior to each camp day. A swim towel and bathing suit are also required for camps with water play activities. For full day camps, parents must provide children with lunch, snacks and drinks for the camp day.

Parents must provide a bike for their child. Tires must be clean and fully inflated. The bike seat must be adjusted to properly fit child’s height. Bike helmets are mandatory and must be properly fitted with a secure chin strap. (Hockey helmets are not permitted). Knee and elbow pads are also required for bike riding lessons. Coaches do not have the necessary tools to make adjustments.

Please contact us. We would be pleased to investigate opening a new Sportball program in your community—either a  weekly program or a one-time event where there is enough demand.